Racism in the Workplace

The Corporate Racist


Racism is not restricted to the streets. It takes life in many different forms within the workplace. Do not fall victim to its evil grip. Many employees fail to report racism for fear of losing their job or suffering retribution.

Use your voice and report it!


Racism happens within prominent corporations and businesses in this day and age. No longer is discrimination a thing of the past as it has gained momentum and rears its ugly head ever so quietly.


James Cooper

Old enough to recall the days of segregated bathrooms and water fountains accessible for white people, James experienced racism while under the employ of a famous commercial airline company.


As a mechanic, he was greeted by a sign one day with the words, “All Blacks Die.” This sign was placed at the entrance of the facility’s restrooms. Later that day he noticed his name scratched into the backside of the toilet door with a swastika and the word N*gger underneath.


Filing a complaint with his supervisor, nothing happened nor was the perpetrator discovered. He took things a step further and filed a lawsuit against the airline company. The case was settled out of court with an undisclosed amount.

Julio Archuleta

Julio was proud of his mixed Mexican and Native American heritage. He was wrongfully terminated from the same commercial airline company that James Cooper was employed with. Julio made complaints against the safety of the aircraft and commented on the number of violations that had taken place. He also supported a fellow employee’s racial harassment and discrimination case that was filed the previous year.


Just like James Cooper, Julio too was a mechanic with this airline. Just before his termination, he also found a sign with racial slurs, but this time it was posted near the time clock. Filing a complaint with the supervisor, no action was taken. Shortly after that, he was terminated.


David Elliott

Again another similarity to the others stories, David was under the employ of a major corporation that designed and produced commercial aircraft. The white employees began to harass him and left anti-black graffiti on the restroom walls. David and other fellow black employees formed a group at work that addressed discrimination in the workplace.


Things for David began to get worse as all of the black men found “back to Africa” tickets on their desks and other areas. An investigation was started while the victims (to include David) were questioned as if they were a part of these horrible incidents.


Things continued to get even worse when he found a noose on his desk, his computer was unplugged causing him to lose valuable work, his bicycle was hidden and his desk chair as well. Class action suits were filed; however, nothing as of today has happened.

Scarred for Life

Racism Thrives When Nothing is Done


The above incidents were not merely harassments, but outright hate crimes which revolved around the fact that these men’s skin color was not white.


The fear and insecurity that developed in the workplace left James, Julio, and David with unrest and anxiety. It took away their sense of belonging within the group of employees as a whole in each of their workplaces.


If you see someone falling victim to racial discrimination, be bold enough to stand up and report it!

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Hate Crimes in America

Bias-Fueled Ticking Time Bombs

The average American is not vaguely aware that something lurks in the shadows of society waiting to devour its next victim.


Hate crime is an offense committed against a person or property which is motivated by bias against race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender identity or disability. Although the act of hate in of itself is not an offense, the action derived from that hate is.


The majority of hate crimes in America are directed towards Jews, Muslims and the LGBT community.

Statistically Speaking


The unstaggering incidents of hate crimes toppled in 2016 at an unwavering count of 6,100 incidents. That does not take into account the ones that went unreported. Nearly 6 out of 10 victims were targeted due to race or ethnicity.


Types of Hate Crimes


There are five types of hate crimes.

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation


Reasons Hate Crimes Are Committed


Seeking a Thrill

Driven by the need for excitement or drama, typically young men who are bored or drunk preys on innocent victims for a biased-target reason against race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Seventy percent of “thrill seeking” hate crimes were assaults. Victims were chosen at random.



Hate crime attackers perceive themselves as the “defender” of territory such as neighborhoods, workplace, religious establishment or in militaristic defense of country. These “defenders” often has a targeted victim. Events can trigger an attack. Little or no remorse is evident in the attacker.


The attacker perceives themselves as the “avenger” acting alone with specific targets of someone related to racial, ethnic or religious causes.



Offenders that are “mission-minded” are the most dangerous and deadliest. They consider themselves crusaders working for the cause of race or religion. Often linked to groups sharing the same opinions towards race, they will tend to target groups or sites that have a significant symbolic presence. Their goal is to “maximize the carnage.”


Silence Results from Fear


Many fail to report hate crimes because of fear of retribution from the attacker or related groups. The unease within our nation fuels the fire behind groups and individuals who prey on innocent people.


The victims of these crimes endure paralyzing fear while it rocks the whole community. Ultimately, society’s sense of security is weakened. Hate crimes strike at the victim’s core identity while compromising the sense of belonging.

The War Against Hate Crimes


More than 1,600 extremist groups are scattered across America. The fight to extinguish hate and extremism proves difficult as the resurging presence of groups of the past reform. A few well-known groups that are gaining strength and members nationwide are the KKK, Aryan Nations, and White Aryan Resistance.


A Hate Crime that Changed History


Matthew Shepard arrived in Laramie, Wyoming in 1998 where he would attend The University of Wyoming. Visiting a local pub one evening he had an encounter with two men. It was these two men that tied Matthew to a fence, beat him and left him to die. They targeted Matthew because of his sexual orientation.



At Matthew’s funeral was the notorious Westboro Baptist Church protesters holding picket signs with homophobic slander. The group shouted anti-gay rhetoric to the funeral attendees.

In 2009, The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act was signed into law by President Obama. This Act gives the Department of Justice power needed to not only investigate hate crimes but to prosecute bias-motivated hate crimes against LGBT victims.


If you see a hate crime or suspect one, it is important to report it. You stepping forward could be the very thing that saves someone’s life!

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Racism in Other Parts of the World

Worldwide Racism

Does America stand alone in racism or do other countries subscribe to the intolerant attitude towards races other than “white?” Many countries consider any race other than their own to be inferior.


Although racism is present in America, our country rated as one of the highest leading nations to be acceptant of other races and ethnic backgrounds.

Tolerance and Intolerance


Studies done by Swedish economists on racial intolerance in other countries shows that there is racism alive and thriving outside of American soil.


Tolerant Countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Latin America
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Pakistan
  • Belarus
  • Latvia

Intolerant Countries:

  • India
  • Jordan
  • France
  • Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Korea
  • Germany
  • China
  • Balkans
  • Japan


World’s Most Racist Country


Japan ranked as the world’s worst country when it comes to racism. While refugees are flooding into other countries that give them asylum, Japan decidedly chose to come short of shutting the door on different ethnicities coming into their country.


In contrast to Japan taking in only three refugees in 2017, the United States took in eighty-five thousand in 2016. Europe accepted over a million refugees in 2015.

The Japanese claim that to create an “ethnic homogeneity” within their society, refugees are generally not allowed in Japan. Strictly adhering to this rule, they believe it preserves the system of peace that can only exist within the Japanese culture. Diversity ceases to be evident in their society.


Regressive Racial Attitude


Recently, a beauty supply shop in Japan placed a sign at the entry, “Chinese Prohibited.” Although the sign was removed due to protest, the attitude toward the Chinese was still lurking about.


Japan has also failed to foster a positive relationship towards tourism as derogatory comments are made towards those who are not Japanese. These attitudes arise from rallies organized throughout the area that is concentrated with foreigners.


Two refugees that were held at a detention center pending asylum were assigned to clean up radioactive contamination at the Fukushima power plant. Other refugees have complained of being treat like slaves. This is indicative of what the black man experienced in America in the days of slavery.


Japanese have such a twisted view on their racial superiority. There seems to be a similarity of our white man / black man struggle back in the fifties. What is confusing is while Japan prospers with modern day economic growth, they fail to move forward with their attitude towards diversity.

Embrace Diversity


There are racists all over our world trying to force their lack of values for the human race as a whole down our throats. Be tolerant of one another, embrace diversity and promote compassion regardless of your ethnic background.


Good overcomes evil in the end!


Other posts

Being Taught to be Racist

The Black or White Conundrum

To many in this world, there are only two colors of race. You are either black or white. By this assumption, slapping inappropriate race identities on individuals is not only degrading, but the failure to see past dark or light proves that the lack of proper education on racism puts a blinder over one’s eyes, heart, and mind.

Race is Taught


At an early age, children learn to either love and respect the different races in our world, or to hate races other than their own. Directly or indirectly, parents are teaching their children about racism by how they treat others of a different race.


Actions speak louder than words!


Teaching our children about the different races in our world reinforces the belief that regardless of skin color, we are all equal. Not saying anything at all about the subject, leaves children to pick up on social cues believing the negative rhetoric heard on the streets, in schools, and in the media.


Society sends messages to children that the white man is superior and those of color (African Americans) are inferior. This is evident in the school cafeteria where the blacks and whites sit on opposite sides. Schools should be adopting and teaching diversity and the respect that each race deserves.

Raising children that are compassionate and color blind to other races is extremely difficult in this world today. Racially charged events are blasted through television, radio and in print. Explaining to our kids that race plays an exponential part of world events requires us to walk a fine line.


Psychologists have found that between the ages of five to eight years old, children begin to notice the social issues in the immediate world around them. They remain unbiased until age nine or ten when their racial attitude grows into a more solid belief or opinion. This is why it is so crucial to talk to them and teach them about racism.


By promoting a sense of cultural pride in a child, this teaches them to celebrate the differences of race. Children will begin to adopt values towards diversity.


Black or White?


To fully appreciate the different colors of skin in our world, if someone did an experiment lining up random people from across the globe the results would be astounding. Lined up from dark to light, you would see a rainbow of colors that fill the gap between dark and light.  By seeing this, how can one render the identity of race based on just two colors when there are so many?

The Effects of Inappropriate Labeling


When society groups people into racial categories (i.e., labeling), the human being behind the label is diminished reducing them to a stereotype.


We all need to change our way of thinking regarding racism. If we change how we perceive others, we will stop defining individuals by their race.



Whether white, black or a color in between, we all equally hold value in this world!


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“Check the Box”

Can’t we just choose “Human” for our racial identity?

Racial Identification


There are six racial ethnicities that the United States recognizes in our culture today. We are required to choose one and only one.


  • White
  • African American
  • American Indian
  • Native Alaskan
  • Asian American
  • Native Hawaiian or other


The uniqueness of individuality is stripped away while society forces their choice of racial identity upon us.


We are placed in a racial category because of physical features, skin color, and the population we come from (Africa, Middle East, Asia, etc.) By allowing this categorization, the “Master and Slave” concept allows the higher powered race to dominant over what is perceived as disposable races.


This twisted perception wreaks with the belief that we cannot coexist with those that are of a different race. This is the very reason our culture attempts to separate individuals by race assignment. fortunately, I have friends and colleagues that respect all humans and run their businesses in a way that encourages diversity and integration in a holistic way. shout out to my friend Paul at http://www.plumbersofpalmbeach.com.

The Europoidistic Vacuum


In trying to classify races throughout the world, anthropologists categorized a race of people that they felt exhibited characteristics of Europeans. They called this group “Europoid.”

Europoids identified themselves as White/Caucasian. White/Caucasian quickly became a misleading racial identity because Europoids are not white, but rather a pale pink. Those claiming to be Europoid exhibit racism towards Middle Easterners, Asiatics, and other races. This racism attempts to dictate that other races are inferior.


The Europoid’s sense of superiority quietly moves about through the races of the world imposing the “Master and Slave” ideology on others.


The Freedom to Choose Our Racial Identity


If one can change their sex, why can’t we choose what race we identify with? Society has developed a rather strange hybridity when it comes to individual identity. However, the option to select our racial identity is restricted and lacks any leniency.


Rachel Dolezal attempted to choose her racial identity based on how she perceived herself as an individual. Biologically she was born a White/Caucasian woman. However, she claimed she was an African American.

For many years, Dolezal lived a fraudulent life as a black woman. Crossing a cultural fault line, she angered many, especially those within the African American community. Working as a figurehead with the NAACP representing African Americans, Dolezal assumed the struggle and reality of black lives while being tainted with white privilege. Not only did she misrepresent herself, but she indirectly mocked the entire African American race.


Individualist Choice


We need to examine our own lives and make choices that are beneficial for us and fight the very force that attempts to place us into a neat and tidy racial assignment.


Be the beautiful individual you were created to be and allow your bright personality to reign superior.


Race is, after all, a state of mind. Embrace it, love it and live it!