Being Taught to be Racist

The Black or White Conundrum

To many in this world, there are only two colors of race. You are either black or white. By this assumption, slapping inappropriate race identities on individuals is not only degrading, but the failure to see past dark or light proves that the lack of proper education on racism puts a blinder over one’s eyes, heart, and mind.

Race is Taught


At an early age, children learn to either love and respect the different races in our world, or to hate races other than their own. Directly or indirectly, parents are teaching their children about racism by how they treat others of a different race.


Actions speak louder than words!


Teaching our children about the different races in our world reinforces the belief that regardless of skin color, we are all equal. Not saying anything at all about the subject, leaves children to pick up on social cues believing the negative rhetoric heard on the streets, in schools, and in the media.


Society sends messages to children that the white man is superior and those of color (African Americans) are inferior. This is evident in the school cafeteria where the blacks and whites sit on opposite sides. Schools should be adopting and teaching diversity and the respect that each race deserves.

Raising children that are compassionate and color blind to other races is extremely difficult in this world today. Racially charged events are blasted through television, radio and in print. Explaining to our kids that race plays an exponential part of world events requires us to walk a fine line.


Psychologists have found that between the ages of five to eight years old, children begin to notice the social issues in the immediate world around them. They remain unbiased until age nine or ten when their racial attitude grows into a more solid belief or opinion. This is why it is so crucial to talk to them and teach them about racism.


By promoting a sense of cultural pride in a child, this teaches them to celebrate the differences of race. Children will begin to adopt values towards diversity.


Black or White?


To fully appreciate the different colors of skin in our world, if someone did an experiment lining up random people from across the globe the results would be astounding. Lined up from dark to light, you would see a rainbow of colors that fill the gap between dark and light.  By seeing this, how can one render the identity of race based on just two colors when there are so many?

The Effects of Inappropriate Labeling


When society groups people into racial categories (i.e., labeling), the human being behind the label is diminished reducing them to a stereotype.


We all need to change our way of thinking regarding racism. If we change how we perceive others, we will stop defining individuals by their race.



Whether white, black or a color in between, we all equally hold value in this world!


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