Racism in the Workplace

The Corporate Racist


Racism is not restricted to the streets. It takes life in many different forms within the workplace. Do not fall victim to its evil grip. Many employees fail to report racism for fear of losing their job or suffering retribution.

Use your voice and report it!


Racism happens within prominent corporations and businesses in this day and age. No longer is discrimination a thing of the past as it has gained momentum and rears its ugly head ever so quietly.


James Cooper

Old enough to recall the days of segregated bathrooms and water fountains accessible for white people, James experienced racism while under the employ of a famous commercial airline company.


As a mechanic, he was greeted by a sign one day with the words, “All Blacks Die.” This sign was placed at the entrance of the facility’s restrooms. Later that day he noticed his name scratched into the backside of the toilet door with a swastika and the word N*gger underneath.


Filing a complaint with his supervisor, nothing happened nor was the perpetrator discovered. He took things a step further and filed a lawsuit against the airline company. The case was settled out of court with an undisclosed amount.

Julio Archuleta

Julio was proud of his mixed Mexican and Native American heritage. He was wrongfully terminated from the same commercial airline company that James Cooper was employed with. Julio made complaints against the safety of the aircraft and commented on the number of violations that had taken place. He also supported a fellow employee’s racial harassment and discrimination case that was filed the previous year.


Just like James Cooper, Julio too was a mechanic with this airline. Just before his termination, he also found a sign with racial slurs, but this time it was posted near the time clock. Filing a complaint with the supervisor, no action was taken. Shortly after that, he was terminated.


David Elliott

Again another similarity to the others stories, David was under the employ of a major corporation that designed and produced commercial aircraft. The white employees began to harass him and left anti-black graffiti on the restroom walls. David and other fellow black employees formed a group at work that addressed discrimination in the workplace.


Things for David began to get worse as all of the black men found “back to Africa” tickets on their desks and other areas. An investigation was started while the victims (to include David) were questioned as if they were a part of these horrible incidents.


Things continued to get even worse when he found a noose on his desk, his computer was unplugged causing him to lose valuable work, his bicycle was hidden and his desk chair as well. Class action suits were filed; however, nothing as of today has happened.

Scarred for Life

Racism Thrives When Nothing is Done


The above incidents were not merely harassments, but outright hate crimes which revolved around the fact that these men’s skin color was not white.


The fear and insecurity that developed in the workplace left James, Julio, and David with unrest and anxiety. It took away their sense of belonging within the group of employees as a whole in each of their workplaces.


If you see someone falling victim to racial discrimination, be bold enough to stand up and report it!

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