“Check the Box”

Can’t we just choose “Human” for our racial identity?

Racial Identification


There are six racial ethnicities that the United States recognizes in our culture today. We are required to choose one and only one.


  • White
  • African American
  • American Indian
  • Native Alaskan
  • Asian American
  • Native Hawaiian or other


The uniqueness of individuality is stripped away while society forces their choice of racial identity upon us.


We are placed in a racial category because of physical features, skin color, and the population we come from (Africa, Middle East, Asia, etc.) By allowing this categorization, the “Master and Slave” concept allows the higher powered race to dominant over what is perceived as disposable races.


This twisted perception wreaks with the belief that we cannot coexist with those that are of a different race. This is the very reason our culture attempts to separate individuals by race assignment. fortunately, I have friends and colleagues that respect all humans and run their businesses in a way that encourages diversity and integration in a holistic way. shout out to my friend Paul at http://www.plumbersofpalmbeach.com.

The Europoidistic Vacuum


In trying to classify races throughout the world, anthropologists categorized a race of people that they felt exhibited characteristics of Europeans. They called this group “Europoid.”

Europoids identified themselves as White/Caucasian. White/Caucasian quickly became a misleading racial identity because Europoids are not white, but rather a pale pink. Those claiming to be Europoid exhibit racism towards Middle Easterners, Asiatics, and other races. This racism attempts to dictate that other races are inferior.


The Europoid’s sense of superiority quietly moves about through the races of the world imposing the “Master and Slave” ideology on others.


The Freedom to Choose Our Racial Identity


If one can change their sex, why can’t we choose what race we identify with? Society has developed a rather strange hybridity when it comes to individual identity. However, the option to select our racial identity is restricted and lacks any leniency.


Rachel Dolezal attempted to choose her racial identity based on how she perceived herself as an individual. Biologically she was born a White/Caucasian woman. However, she claimed she was an African American.

For many years, Dolezal lived a fraudulent life as a black woman. Crossing a cultural fault line, she angered many, especially those within the African American community. Working as a figurehead with the NAACP representing African Americans, Dolezal assumed the struggle and reality of black lives while being tainted with white privilege. Not only did she misrepresent herself, but she indirectly mocked the entire African American race.


Individualist Choice


We need to examine our own lives and make choices that are beneficial for us and fight the very force that attempts to place us into a neat and tidy racial assignment.


Be the beautiful individual you were created to be and allow your bright personality to reign superior.


Race is, after all, a state of mind. Embrace it, love it and live it!